woensdag 16 december 2015

Great God of the Here and Now!

America's Greatest Main Streets - Galena, IL is listed on the second slide.:

I sought God in the commonplace,
And I found Him every day,
Not in the streets of Jerusalem
Nor caressed by Galilee's spray;
But I found God on the sidewalks,
The backyard, and our upstairs,
And I walked with Him on Main Street;
He handled my school affairs.

My Christ stands not in a synagogue
With a beard and a long white gown,
But I know Him in the grocery store,
He rides our car downtown.
Many smile when I tell them,
Some say it is not right
To find the Lord on Broadway
'Neath the glow of a neon light.

Great God of the Here and Now,
I pray for that key of Belief
Which unlocks Thee in the daytime,
Which does not wait for grief
To make the Unseen real,
Recalling that word You did say,
"I am the God of tomorrow, yesterday
...and today."

Prachtig gedicht van Jim Elliot uit 'The journals of Jim Elliot'. 
Ik bid dat God (nog meer) werkelijkheid word in je dagelijkse leven!

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