woensdag 9 december 2015

A strong argument

March 24  Exodus 32      `When Moses delayed to come down, the people gathered themselves to Aaron´ (v. 1). How like the people of God in my own day. Thinking the Lord delays His coming, they make men their center points for gathering, forgetting that Shiloh is to come and 'unto Him shall the gathering of the people be' (Gen. 49:10). They forgot God entirely, saying of Moses that it was he, a man, who brought them out of Egypt. Jahweh takes up their words and speaks to Moses thus: 'Thy people whom thou broughtest up' (v. 7). Moses' argument is strong because he reverses this wording. Why are You angry with Your people whom You brought forth (v. 11). God's anger is allayed, when His servant reminds Him that it is His own Name, His own people, that would be dishonored if He destroyed them.*
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Citaat uit 'The journals of Jim Elliot'

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    1. Die vergelijking heb ik zelf nooit bedacht of gehoord, het volk dat op Mozes wacht en denkt dat hij niet meer terug komt en zo zullen er in de laatste dagen mensen zijn die beginnen te spotten dat Jezus niet meer terug zal komen.